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Sustainable House Day

Sustainable House Day - The Nillumbik Trail
Open house events in May and September 2022

Open your home and share what you've learnt

Peer to peer communication is the most helpful way for people to gather information on sustainability. We want to provide Nillumbik residents with local information and inspiration to make their homes more sustainable. If your home has at least four sustainable features, it would be great to open it to visitors on Sustainable House Day so that other householders can learn from your experiences and benefit from the increased comfort and lower costs of an energy efficient and sustainable home.

We are looking for regular houses in Nillumbik that have incorporated energy efficient and sustainable features such as:

  • insulation

  • double glazing

  • energy efficient appliances such as

    • heat pump hot water

    • reverse cycle heating and cooling

    • induction cooktop

  • solar panels

  • battery

  • electric vehicles

  • water efficient appliances and garden

What's involved in opening my home?

There are a few steps to joining the Nillumbik Trail

  1. Complete the enquiry form below and chat to one of our team - this is a great opportunity for you to find out more and have your questions answered. There's no commitment at this stage.

  2. If you are comfortable proceeding, register on the Sustainable House Day website. As part of this process you need to answer a series of questions about your home and provide information on the sustainable features. You don't need to do this all at once - you can add more information and images over time.

  3. Compile a slide show or brief video about the sustainable features of your home. CEN and Renew can assist with this process.

  4. Prepare your home for visitors - decide what parts of the house will be off limits and what features you'd like to highlight and discuss.

  5. Open your house between 10am and 4pm for at least three hours. All visitors will need to register with CEN to receive address details. You can schedule tour times or take groups through as they arrive.

How will Clean Energy Nillumbik help?


Clean Energy Nillumbik can support you with the registration process and producing your slideshow/video. We can help provide volunteers to assist on the day and link you with other home owners who have previously participated.

Clean Energy Nillumbik will register all visitors and promote the event throughout Nillumbik.

How do I find out more or register?

Register your interest here by completing the contact form and mention you'd like to enquire about opening your house.

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