CEN's Nillumbik Sustainable House Trail 2020

CEN's Nillumbik Sustainable House Trail for 2020 took place on September the 19th. Of course, being in the middle of a pandemic, the visits had to be online via Zoom. The technology worked well, with great presentations from the homeowners, and interesting Q & A sessions. 

Whether you are looking to optimize, or starting from scratch, these homeowners have 'been there and done that,' and so their personal experiences are invaluable. All the 9 participating houses are in the Shire of Nillumbik, so there is a local edge as to how the homeowners made their houses more sustainable.

These Nillumbik houses were also displayed in a national webinar (Virtual Sustainable House Day) on Sunday September the 20th, organised by the not for profit group called Renew.

To view the houses in the Nillumbik Sustainable House Trail for 2020, click on the following links:

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