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Heat pumps

Heat pump hot water system bulk buy

Heat pumps are generally the most energy efficient option for producing domestic hot water in Nillumbik.

Our heat pump hot water bulk buy is currently under review.

We recommend you research your preferred heat pump hot water system ahead of time so that you are prepared in case your existing system fails suddenly. 

Obtain quotes from at least two installers.

Please note that for Solar Homes rebates, the householder must apply for the rebate and receive their token prior to installation. Please talk with the installer or check online if you're unclear about the process.

Why heat pump hot water?

These products use heat pump technology that draws heat from the surrounding outdoor air and moves it via a heat exchanger into the water in the tank. Even in winter it can extract enough heat from the outside air to heat your hot water.

Heat pumps can produce four to five times as much heat or cooling as the energy they use, so they are extremely efficient and cost effective.

Heat pump hot water systems can be run using electricity generated by rooftop solar and can even be scheduled to run at times of peak solar, acting as a type of energy storage for your home.


They required only a fraction (20-30%) of the electricity of traditional element hot water systems. Gas hot water has no renewable energy alternative so is always generating greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. You can make a big difference to climate change by combining these efficient hot water systems with solar or green power.

For more information, view the recording of our past bulk buy information session.

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