Community Bulk Purchase Program 2021

Heat pump hot water

Stay tuned for our upcoming bulk purchase offer for heat pump hot water systems! Launch and registrations coming up in November 2021.

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Reverse Cycle Heating and Cooling

If you're thinking about replacing your current heating and/or cooling with something more efficient, we've done the hard work for you and sourced two efficient product ranges at competitive prices, to be installed by a Nillumbik business with an outstanding reputation for their customer service and workmanship.

Why reverse cycle air conditioning?

These products use heat pump technology that, in winter, draws heat from the surrounding outdoor air and moves it via a heat exchanger into the air going into your home. In summer it does the reverse, pulling heat out of the air in your home and putting it outside.

Who is the Installer ? 

Clean Energy Nillumbik invited several local businesses to submit an expression of interest that asked for efficient and reliable products, details about their customer service, including references, as well as product and workmanship warranties. Air Fusion was appointed as the supplier and they are based in Eltham. Air Fusion has been in Eltham for about six years and directors and staff are Nillumbik residents. It was important that we chose a local supplier to support our business and residential communities. Air Fusion are very active within the Nillumbik community, sponsoring sporting clubs and attending local schools.

What’s on offer?

The smaller models on offer can produce around five times as much heat or cooling as the energy they use, so they are extremely efficient and cost effective.

Reverse cycle air conditioning can be run using electricity generated by rooftop solar, whereas gas and wood heating has no renewable energy alternative. You can make a big difference to climate change by combining this efficient heating and cooling with solar.

We have two ranges available in sizes to suit all spaces:

Daikin Alira

Prices range from $1,970.32 installed, inc GST for a 2.5kW unit to $4,164.64 installed, inc GST for a 9.4kW unit.*

The Alira has a sensor known as ‘Intelligent Eye’, which detects movement in a room and places the unit in an energy saving mode when no movement occurs in the room for 20 minutes, then resumes the original settings when you re-enter the room. It is capable of connecting to your wi-fi internet for a small additional cost.^ This unit also has a weekly timer you can set up if your activities outside the home are regular (work, school or sport for example) and it has a quiet mode for use at night time in bedrooms for those really hot nights.


More information at

LG WH Series

For the more budget conscious amongst us this unit offers great efficiency and functionality.

Prices range from $1,800.00 installed, inc GST for a 2.5kW unit to $4,000.00 installed, inc GST for a 9.4kW unit.*

The WH Series has built-in wi-fi capability to enable control from wherever you are, is quiet at night time and has energy saving modes you can control with the remote.

More information at

*Prices quoted are for standard ground floor installation. There are additional charges for wall and roof mounting, second storey, outdoor unit greater than 4 metres from indoor unit and upgrades to switchboards for safety and compliance with current electrical standards.


^Wi-fi D-Mobile $250

How do I find out more or register?

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