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Solar Savers-A local government initiative aimed at reducing the cost of solar through bulk buying

Solar Savers bulk-buy program

About Solar Savers

Solar Savers is a local government initiative helping to make the installation of quality and affordable rooftop solar easy. The program is led by the Eastern (EAGA) and Northern (NAGA) Alliance for Greenhouse Action and currently has 8 participating Victorian Local Governments, including the Shire of Nillumbik. By installing rooftop solar through Solar Savers, our participants are able to reduce their energy bills and future-proof against increasing energy costs, while also reducing their household carbon footprint. All of this with the support and backing of their local council.

Having already assisted over 160 homes to install solar since our relaunch in September 2019, Solar Savers is building on the learnings and experience of 3 years of community solar programs to deliver an EASY, AFFORDABLE, QUALITY and TRUSTED program.


We have done all the hard work for you, including evaluating and selecting a trusted installer and high quality products, so that you can follow an easy-to-understand process.


By joining the program you will have access to a high quality unit at an affordable rate. Further support is available to pension cardholders and low-income households.


Our priority is ensuring that your system continues to work efficiently for years to come. This is why we have prioritised quality over price. Our installer uses industry leading components for panels, inverters and framing.


We have independently evaluated and selected a program installer to ensure that your system is installed by a trusted and accredited installer. Solar Savers also ensures that a minimum of 5% of all installations are independently audited for continued peace of mind.

How it works

Solar Savers makes solar simple by doing the planning for you. Here’s how it works:

  1. We check that you are eligible for the program and offer alternatives to those who are not.

  2. We connect you with our trusted installer who will discuss the finer details of your system and arrange a quote.

  3. Should you choose to proceed, you simply approve the quote and pay a deposit.

  4. At this stage you can apply for the State Government rebate and loan, with the help of Solar Savers and your installer if required.

  5. Your installer will then guide you through the remainder of the process until your system is installed and you are happy with your new Solar PV system. Solar Savers is however, available to help or offer advice at every step of the way.

Who can participate?

Own your home

Have average to high electricity use (contact Solar Savers if you’re unsure)

Do not currently have solar panels on your home

Households who use their appliances during the day are more likely to save with solar. This includes residents who: Work from home

Spend 3-4 days at home

Care for someone in need

Pension and Health Care Card Holders

Solar Savers provides extra assistance to pension and health care card holders by assessing your electricity bills to make sure solar is a good financial option for you. We can also advise you on the current State Government rebate and loan offers, which can help to reduce otherwise prohibitive upfront costs. Pension card holders may also be able to access a low-interest loan from Bank Australia, allowing you to pay off your Solar PV system over 10 years. Bank Australia is a 100% customer-owned bank that is committed to responsible lending.

Victorian Government Solar Rebate

Solar Savers participants may also be eligible for the new Victorian Government Solar Rebate. To find out more or register your interest, visit

For all enquiries please contact Solar Savers

Phone: 1300 548 598



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