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Food Tech teacher, and ardent home cook, Yasemin loves finding better ways to make create beautiful food.
Image by Conscious Design

How did I start using induction?

We moved into a house that already had an induction cooktop, so I had no experience of induction. Now I wouldn't be without it - - I'd never go back.

What's changed?

Most of my pans worked with the new stove, so I only need to replace these as they wear out. I've changed the way I toss while cooking in the fry pan (yes its fine!) and I've changed how I flambe the pudding at Christmas time.


As well as being fast, so easy to clean, and much safer than an open flame, my cooktop also becomes an extra kitchen workspace when not in use. For camping too, its cleaner, super-cheap to run from a solar panel, and makes great summertime fire ban cooking. No more trekking a gas bottle with us on trips!

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