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The advantage of expert advice - Speed Date a Sustainability Expert

We contacted last year's Speed Date a Sustainability Expert participants to find out what difference the event made to them.

"I found the experience really worthwhile, I was already on my sustainable home journey, but it was a great chance to get some good information from people in the know. Since last year's event I have installed double glazed windows, a Sanden hot water heat pump (something I didn't know anything about prior to the event) and have done a lot of draft proofing (thanks to EcoMaster). - Scott

“Speed dating a sustainability expert allowed us to narrow down our priorities and work within our budget. We arranged to have an audit done and this confirmed where our home was least efficient or in some cases appalling with regard to energy efficiency. We went for wall insulation first as this was quick to do and very cost effective for our age and style of house. Then roof insulation to go under our colour bond roof, located a roof plumber and got to work. We already had solar hot water, but hadn’t thought to turn the back-up system off when we had good sunshine. We also brought a $40 ARLEC device that turns all electrical appliances off each night. We replaced our old wood burner with an amazing Canadian model, that produces no emissions and burns about a quarter of the wood for ten times more heat. Our fuel bill has halved, our house is far more comfortable and we shall be speed dating again this year to plan how we tackle the next things on our list. Such as draught busting, window and door options and lighting. It’s a great adventure, that we wish we had started sooner, and just needed that confidence that sustainable house day and the speed dating experts gave us to get going.” - Jane

"Last year's Speed Dating appointment assisted us in a few ways. We had plans ready to start our renovation and made some changes after the event which included:

-Windows placed up high in the cathedral ceiling on the North side to allow better airflow when a cool change comes through in Summer

-A smaller window placed on the south side was also added to achieve the cool change airflow entering

-Linear boards were selected for the outer material as this would be most long lasting material to match existing older weatherboard

-Aircell insulbreak with airgap created better insulation on external walls

-Changed stacker doors to french doors to provide better seal

These suggested changes have meant the end result of our renovation has greater comfort levels using less energy to heat and cool. We are extremely happy that we made these changes and grateful for being able to tap into the knowledge of the sustainability experts to understand more about what we could do to get the best outcome for our renovation from a sustainabliity perspective." - Leanne

If you'd like to book free consultations with experts at this year's event on October 18, go to the events page.

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