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Smiles a plenty at Sustainable House Day - The Nillumbik Trail

Good weather teamed up with an amazing crew to deliver a fabulous Sustainable House Day Nillumbik Trail on Sunday.

With around 50 tours of 10 different houses to choose from, the 400 participants were treated to great insights about the sustainability journeys of some of Nillumbik's homeowners. With a range of different approaches to sustainable building and retrofitting of 70s and 80s homes, there was ample opportunity to ask about all aspects of home energy efficiency and sustainable design - and how it really works in practice!

This day was the culmination of contributions from an enormous range of individuals and organisations. Our heartfelt thanks to:

  • Nillumbik Shire Council for funding the event

  • our fabulous team of hosts who generously opened their homes and put great effort into sharing their stories and experiences

  • our unparalleled volunteers who supported the open houses

  • our delightful and highly professional event organiser, Janine

  • our volunteer comms team for the beautiful flyers and signboards

  • Barry Plant Eltham for the terrific signboards

  • Scorecard assessor Andrew Rosier for sharing his expertise

  • everyone who shared social media posts and hosted signs and flyers to help spread the word

  • our three participating coffee voucher cafes:

    • Black Vice Cafe - Hurstbridge

    • Small Plates - Eltham

    • A Local Baker - St Andrews

  • Renew for promoting our community event

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