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Heat pump hot water systems

If you're thinking about replacing your current hot water service with something more efficient, we've done the hard work for you and sourced two efficient product ranges at competitive prices, to be installed by a business with an outstanding reputation for their customer service and workmanship.

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Why heat pump hot water?

These products use heat pump technology that draws heat from the surrounding outdoor air and moves it via a heat exchanger into the water in the tank. Even in winter it can extract enough heat from the outside air to heat your hot water.

Who is the Installer ? 

Clean Energy Nillumbik researched a number of products and invited several businesses to submit an expression of interest that asked for efficient and reliable products, details about their customer service, including references, as well as product and workmanship warranties. While there isn't yet a local installer for our preferred products, we've sourced installers who are trained, qualified and experienced with the selected products and endorsed by the suppliers.

What’s on offer?

Heat pumps can produce four to five times as much heat or cooling as the energy they use, so they are extremely efficient and cost effective.

Heat pump hot water systems can be run using electricity generated by rooftop solar and can even be scheduled to run at times of peak solar, acting as a type of energy storage for your home.


They required only a fraction (20-30%) of the electricity of traditional element hot water systems. Gas hot water has no renewable energy alternative so is always generating greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. You can make a big difference to climate change by combining these efficient hot water systems with solar or green power.

We have two ranges available in various sizes:


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More information at Reclaim Energy - Heat Pump Hot Water System


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More information at Hot Water (

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How do I find out more or register?

We're holding information sessions on Saturday 20 November and Wednesday 24 November. Sign up to attend using the 'RSVP' button on the event listed at the top of this page.


After the information session, register your interest by completing the relevant form below. If you are interested in getting quotes for both products, please complete both forms.

The installer will then get in touch with you to answer any questions and arrange a quote.

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