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Expo info sessions

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Sunday 3 April 11:00am - 3:00pm
Edendale Farm

Image by Michael Fousert

Electric vehicles

Bryce Gaton will answer all your questions about owning and driving an EV.

Image by Michael Marais

EV bulk buy

Hear from the Good Car Company about how to participate in the EV bulk buy.

Gas Burner

Getting off gas 

Why would you want to get rid of your gas appliances and what alternatives are there?

Induction cooktop demo

Does cooking on an induction stovetop differ from regular electric or gas?

Insulation Installation

Insulation and draughtproofing 

We'll look at how ceiling, wall and underfloor insulation can be retrofitted and methods to resolve common draughts.

Air Conditioner

Heating bulk buy

Replace your old heating with energy efficient reverse cycle heating and cooling for lower cost more comfortable living.

Hot water bulk buy

Did you know that some heat pump hot water systems use as little as 20% of the energy of a resistance hot water system?

Volunteer Group

Information stalls

Come and chat to the experts at our select range of information stalls - Homelab, AEF, NSC, CEN and more

Registration is essential! 
Book any information sessions at the time of registering.
This event is free and a donation of a few dollars will really help us with covering running costs.

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