Rooftop Solar PV

While the price of electricity has been rising over the past few years, the costs of residential rooftop solar PV have dropped enormously. These days, if your system is well designed, the energy savings you gain can pay off the cost of your system in about 5-7 years. So as well as reducing emissions, installing solar PV can be a great investment.

To get a system that will serve you well into the future will take a bit of time and effort and is well worthwhile.


Here’s a quick summary and some points to get you started:


  • Each installation is different so you will need to get good advice about choosing your system. To do this:

    • Speak to friends or neighbours who have solar and find out about their experience and recommendations.

    • Get several quotes including some where an installer comes on site to discuss your needs and make suggestions about your system.

    • Do some reading on the internet.

  • If a deal sounds too good to be true then be wary. There are cheap systems that make too many compromises with quality.


  • There are a myriad different resources on the internet about rooftop solar. This is good because you need to arm yourself well with information to make the best choices about installing panels on your roof.


Here are some useful sites to get you started.




  • There are a number of online solar payback calculators you can use to get a rough indication of system costs and the payback period (as always with google, avoid the links that have Ad at the front of them).

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