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Practically Green sustainability events for Nillumbik


Clean Energy Nillumbik (CEN) has an exciting series of events planned for the Shire of Nillumbik throughout spring. You can look forward to some fun new events and ideas as well as programs you can join. This has been made possible through the Practically Green grant funding from Nillumbik Shire Council.

It’s an exciting time in energy with so many new technologies and ideas becoming the new norm. Over 90 per cent of Victorians want more action to address climate change and CEN is giving you very practical ways you can play your role in making a difference.

Here’s what CEN have planned, with virtual alternatives in case of social distancing restrictions:

September         Re-imagine: Sustainable House Day Nillumbik Trail – gather inspiration about                                   simple actions you can take to make your home more comfortable and                                                   inexpensive to run.

October              Re-think: Speed Date a Sustainability Expert – make free appointments with                                       experts in energy efficiency, building, water savings, insulation, solar, batteries                                     and more.

November          Re-energise: The Re-energise hub at Eltham Town Festival – connect with                                           information, products and suppliers to make your home and business more                                         sustainable.

Also, don’t miss:

                           A bulk purchase of energy efficient appliances for home and work – there’s more                                 to life than solar you know!

                           An electric vehicle display featuring a range of vehicles currently available.

                           Some spectacular art featuring some of our most problematic waste products.

If you are interested in participating in one of the events or would like to join Clean Energy Nillumbik as a member or volunteer, contact CEN at

CEN are looking for active and enthusiastic Nillumbik residents and business owners who can help with all the events above. There are lots of jobs so we’ll match you to tasks that fit your interests, skills and available time. Don’t be shy.

Clean Energy Nillumbik (CEN) started in 2017 with a strategy to have 100% of Nillumbik’s buildings powered by renewable energy by 2028. CEN is incorporated and has a committee and membership of local residents and businesses all committed to addressing climate change through reducing emissions from fossil fuels.

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